Join with us onsite and online

Thank you for sharing in worship with us and being safe as we move forward together.

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AELC's continuing to keep everyone as safe as possible
During this Pandemic we have striven to keep all safe

Covid-19 brought massive changes to our culture. As AELC we sought to move to online worship and activities to continue to share our mission with others. 

With the continued conditions of the pandemic in our community, and the health of our members at our forefront of thought, the Congregational council decided on January 5th to continue with virtual worship through March 28th.  

Our hope is through this block of time, vaccines will be distributed through our community, and the numbers of those infected will diminish to safer levels.

We will gather for worship at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings for Live worship on Facebook. 

We thank you for your understanding and your faith-filled commitment with us to keep others safe.