AELC's continuing to keep everyone as safe as possible
During this Pandemic we have striven to keep all safe

Covid-19 brought massive changes to our culture. As AELC we sought to move to online worship and activities to continue to share our mission with others. As we prepare to gather onsite inside again we seek to do the same and ask everyone to follow our guidelines and respect our stance to protect the least of these.

Onsite Inside Guidelines and Expectations for Worship

 On October 4th AELC will be worshipping together onsite inside. We are seeking to be as safe as possible and below are the guidelines we are requiring for people to join with us onsite inside.   Sunday Morning Worship 8:15 and 10:30 (onsite and live streaming) Service of the word/ with communion and music but NO SINGING. In keeping with CDC, PA Dept. of Health, and ELCA suggested guidelines we will be focusing on the safety of everyone. The times of “corporate response” when we all respond together will be done silently. Masks must be worn in the building. If you or anyone in your family, or with whom you’ve been in contact with is ill, please do not come to the building. In entering the building, we expect families to maintain social distancing from other families. Upon entering all people are expected to use hand sanitizer located at the front of the church. We also expect families to sit only in designated areas and following the guidance of the ushers on entering and exiting the worship space. At the conclusion of worship, we request no congregating in the lobby but to return your vehicles. In between worship all surfaces will be wiped down, with a solution approved by the CDC to kill the virus.   The pews will then be “fogged” by a solution that also has been approved for use against Covid-19. This will take 10 minutes to dry and clear the space in order to be ready for the next service. We are all in this together, and seek to be as careful and faithful to the “least of these” in our community who are at greatest risk of exposure. If you contract ANY symptoms of Covid-19 please contact AELC immediately. Your name will NOT be shared. IF you are tested and it is positive please let AELC know immediately so we are able to share with those who might have been in contact with you.

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